Play as Profesor Rossa, Guru Guru or Don Carter.

Avoid Falling Lava and Recover the Video Tapes.

Enjoy a totally Free Game. No Ads, No Hidden Costs only Fun!


Who is Profesor Rossa?

Profesor Rossa was a Chilean Television Show from the 80's and 90's. The main cast were Profesor Rossa, Guru Guru and Don Carter. The profesor used different videos about animal life. Children could learn about animals and how to draw them.

Why this game is free?

Because we love Profesor Rossa and everyone should play this humble fan game.

Who made this game?

This game was made by in March 2017. Baked with 100% Chilean Love.

Do you collect any data?

No!. This game does not collect any data. This is totally ad-free. No revenue is made. Totally safe software that respects your privacy and rights.

How did you make this game?

This game was programmed in the fantasy console Pico-8. Android and iOS ports were made using the Löve2d game engine.

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